Bangunan bersejarah di malaysia

In the midst of a garden whence there are delightful views, stands a large rotunda open on all sides, with a light, spreading roof supported on elegant pillars. This rural baldachino shelters a dancing-floor. The most stuck-up landowners of the neighborhood rarely fail to make an excursion thither once or twice during the season, arriving at this rustic palace of Terpsichore either in dashing parties on horseback, or in the light and elegant carriages which powder the philosophical pedestrian with dust. bangunan bersejarah di malaysia hope of meeting some women of fashion, and of being seen by them-and the hope, less often disappointed, of seeing young peasant girls, as wily as judges-crowds the ballroom at Sceaux with numerous swarms of lawyers clerks, of the disciples of Aesculapius, and other youths whose complexions are kept pale and moist by the damp atmosphere of Paris back-shops. And a good many bourgeois marriages have had their beginning to the sound of the band occupying the centre of this circular ballroom. If that roof could speak, what love-stories could it not tell. This interesting medley gave the Sceaux balls at that time a spice of more amusement than those of two or three places of the same kind near Paris; and it had incontestable advantages in its bangunan bersejarah di malaysia, and the beauty of its situation and its gardens.
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